Many women come to me with a diagnosis of chronic UTIs and Interstitial Cystitis. If you have chronic bladder pain and frequent urination, it is likely effecting every aspect of your life. You probably feel frustrated because standard laboratory testing shows no cause for your pain and discomfort. You might have sleep disruption and anxiety because you know there is a reason for your symptoms and the medication you were given does not help.

There is a test available that looks at a DNA analysis of the urine and is finding infections in women who on standard laboratory testing show no infection. With this test, you will find the cause for your urinary symptoms. You will also be given proper treatment specific to your infection, support to maintain your microbiome and biofilm treatment to break through the layers of bacteria.

With this treatment and proper support, you will be able to get off the pain medications. You will be able to travel in a car without having to worry about using the bathroom, your sleep will improve and you will have the freedom back to live a full and happy life.

A patient recently came to me after four years of recurrent UTIs. She had been to multiple doctors to find the cause. She was told she had Interstitial Cystitis and was given psychiatric and pain medication. She did not feel depressed, but was told that the problem she had was not treatable and she needed to be on medication to ease her symptoms and help her deal with the fact that she will never get better. I got her the proper testing, found the 5 bacteria that had been thriving in her bladder and treated them. After treatment, she was able to go back to living the life she had before the UTIs began.

If you want to have freedom from UTIs and Interstitial Cystitis, please call my office.