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Dr. Deanna Hope Berman ND, LM

Naturopathic Doctor & Certified Midwife

Through my education at Bastyr University, a four-year, post-graduate, medical school just outside of Seattle, Washington, I received two years of basic medical science education, very much like medical doctors receive.

I then received in-depth training in clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, and a wide range of alternative therapies including naturopathic manipulation, massage, cranio-sacral therapy, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, and more.

Additionally, I received an extra year of coursework to become a midwife. As part of my overall training, I also spent 1500 hours in clinical rotations, and I assisted and managed over 100 births.

To obtain my Washington State license to practice naturopathic medicine, I had to take and pass over 20 state level board examinations.  I then went on to take the examination through the American Midwifery Certification Board after which I received my certification as a Certified Midwife. More recently, I have transferred my naturopathic license to Vermont which means I am now a Vermont Licensed Naturopathic Doctor.

With my knowledge of herbal medicine and nutritional supplements in addition to my pharmacology training, I am uniquely qualified to understand drug-herb, and drug-nutrient interactions. I am also trained in lab analysis and can therefore look at all of your related medical records in order to build a picture of your overall health.

Moreover, as a certified midwife who focuses on natural health solutions, my understanding of women’s hormonal and endocrine issues is both extensive and unique. I believe the wide range of skills I possess added to my attention to details and my passion for staying current with research make me an exceptional practitioner.

If you have any concerns or questions about how Naturopathic Medicine might help you ... I'm happy to answer your questions. 

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