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I’ve known Dr. Deanna for three years since I’ve been extremely sick in many ways. she was always on point and correct from day one even if I chose not to listen.  She continues to work with me and not give up continue to think outside the box unlike any other doctor even if your situation seems hopeless. I would highly recommended anyone with multi complex chronic illness to work with her as she understands the complexities of the human body and all systems involved and how they work. she is unlike any other doctor I’ve seen.  

"Unlike Any Other Doctor..."

Kate M.

I feel incredibly blessed to now be a patient of Dr. Berman’s since early 2020. I FINALLY I have a doctor that truly listens to me, demonstrates empathy, and is thankfully accessible when you need her. She has an unparalleled medical expertise of natural and western medical approaches; a combination hard to find with the previously mentioned attributes. 

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over 25 years ago and have been on numerous MS medicines throughout the years. Although I have a relatively mild case, I struggle with fatigue and an even weaker immune system as a result of the medicine I was prescribed.

Upon meeting Dr. Berman, I was struggling with a chronic UTI that was likely exacerbated due to my compromised immune system. She thoroughly listened to my background and quickly came up with a plan to effectively address this infection. This plan would normally be dismissed by standard Western medical doctors, so I was grateful to have access to this treatment. This was after many rounds of standard antibiotic treatment protocols that were ineffective and left me hopeless and quite deflated.

Now I am starting to feel better (fingers crossed!) and feel confident that I am being followed by the right doctor; a doctor to help me heal even further and effectively tackle my MS issues/overall health without immunosuppressant MS medications (that I would prefer to not take). Her understanding of which diagnostic tools to apply against my current medical situation gives me peace of mind that I am on the road to feeling ‘alive’ again, with the ability to enjoy life and be ‘present’ for my husband and 3 children.

Thanks Dr. Berman - I’m looking forward to continuing our doctor/patient relationship. I normally would not write such a long review, but felt compelled to if it helps others to benefit from your wonderful care!!   

" I FINALLY I have a doctor that truly listens to me ... "


I really appreciated how Dr. Berman is very knowledgeable both with natural and western medicine. I was thankful that we were able to get rid of my uti issues without antibiotics. She was readily available and really good with emergencies. Thank you Dr. Berman!  

" ...we were able to get rid of my UTI issues without antibiotics  "


I've been a patient of Dr. Bermans for about 7 years. I came to her because I was in my early 50's and feeling tired and lethargic. I've had arthritis for several years, and I thought that was something you were stuck with. I told her I hated the idea of taking supplements because they always made me feel like I ate rocks. 

I agreed to start with a probiotic. 4 days into the probiotic and my knees stopped hurting. I experimented and stopped the probiotic. 4 days later my knees hurt. 

I did this a few times, doubting my experience. today my knees hardly ever hurt and I have almost no inflammation. After that experience, I've tried everything she prescribed. most supplements improved my overall well being. A few didn't but it's been worth the effort. I have more energy than I did in my 30's and 40's. and, as a side effect my hair got thicker and my nails stopped splitting and breaking!!!! do not hesitate to try Deanna's methods of health care! you will love the way you feel!!!!  

I have more energy than I did in my 30's and 40's ... "


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